September 20, 2021
5 mins

The typography of this site

Adieu Regular & Thiccboi

When thinking about the typography I wanted to use for my website, I struggled a good deal. With my previous site, I used two sans-serif typefaces: Gopher & Acumin Pro Wide. While I still love both of these typefaces, I wanted to change things up. As a result, I struggled for weeks to find the right combination that I felt reflected my personality and design style at the same time. I tried using a few serif fonts for the headers, sub-headers, and everywhere in-between. After all of my pondering, I ended up choosing two sans-serif faces, again, to form this site.

Adieu Regular

Chosen for its bold, incredibly easy to read, yet also quirky and off-kilter look, as soon as I placed Adieu on these pages, I immediately knew it was the right choice. It gave the site an undeniable presence that I really love. From the Good Type Foundry, I love Adieu so much because it is impossible to ignore.

Used for all headers and sub-headers, Adieu features beautifully designed glyphs that feel modern and timely, yet also very unique.

You can view & purchase Adieu here.


I am not entirely sure who named this font, but it has multiple benefits in addition to its funny name. Easy to read, available in multiple different weights, and free to use, Thiccboi became the perfect option of the body text on this site. It is a no nonsense sans-serif that easily conveys any message while never compromising readability.

Thiccboi is also available as part of the font suite that comes with any webflow site, where this site was designed and created.

You can view and download (for free) Thiccboi here.