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Albums That Made Me

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Nov-Dec 2020

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Music has always been a crucial piece in my life. This collection of writing discusses the albums that made me who I am today.

Through it all, music has been by my side, like a lifelong friend that will never go anywhere. Songs or albums I loved from 10 years ago may be part of my life less so today than they once were, but their everlasting impact on my soul never wanes.

Whether it was me coming to terms with my sexuality, moving across the country, or just learning how to live freely, the albums documented here mean the world to me.

A worthwhile process of reflection through design and writing.

To tell the truth, the biggest design inspiration I had for this project was to use serif fonts. I know...that might sound strange, but before creating this document, I always found myself designing with sans-serifs. My brand style guide and my previous portfolio website were covered in sans-serifs even though I have a great love and appreciation for a beautiful serif typeface. What I noticed as I began to design this project was that I was drawn to serif typefaces because they felt more comfortable, welcoming, and classic. Most of all, they reminded me of a simpler time when I was growing up in Atlanta. They felt like home.

On top of that, practically, serif fonts feel easier to read over long periods of time. Since this project would be so reading intensive, I wanted to make sure the reader never felt strained.

Get ready for things to get...personal.

By far the most personal project I have ever designed, I found myself having to go through a great deal of self reflection in order to create the written portion for each of these albums. It was also fascinating to notice how writing about different albums inherently brought out wildly different writing styles from me. If I was writing about an album that was part of my life during an emotionally turbulent time, I felt my writing reflect that. On the other hand, writing about an album that has been in my life around joy and happiness, I noticed a far more lively, excited, and fun writing persona come across on the page.

After having this realization, I wanted to use color in order to perfectly reflect the emotions and writing style I was expressing.