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Brand Designer
Jan - Mar 2021

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If I was a brand...what would by style guide look like?

My brand style guide, created in the early months of 2021, represents an experiment. An experiment to see exactly how I would brand myself if there were no limits, no restrictions, and if I was the only creative force. The result is a desert-themed, bold, dramatic, and brash style guide. One that feels to be entirely me and nothing else.

You might be thinking: "This style guide looks nothing like that of this website though? Doesn't that defeat the purpose?"

Technically, yes you are correct. The design style, color, typography, etc. described in this style guide does not match this website or my current personal branding whatsoever. I did this for a few reasons. First, I wanted to demonstrate my ability to design in multiple different styles. As well, I was simply looking to shake up my visual style and try something new with this website.