Writing About The Environment

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January - March 2019

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What I do in addition to design: write.

Writing has not always been the easiest for me, but thanks to the help of truly amazing teachers, it is now one of my favorite artistic expressions. That only becomes more true for me when I am writing about something I care about. The environment is one of those subjects.

Here you can find two pieces I have written about the environment in a journalistic context. The first, an in-depth feature about the impact of income on eco-friendly shopping, is the culmination of a quarter's worth of research, interviews, and planning. The creation of this article was no easy task, but the process of writing it resulted in improved skills in research, interviewing, and investigation that I will use throughout my future work as a writer.

More importantly, writing this article helped me come to a massive realization about the intersection of income, the environment, and politics. This realization is explored in my opinion piece that follows the in-depth feature, "How to do we slow climate change? Consume less."

Written after months of research on everything from the carbon emissions from plant-based alternatives to the economic viability of more eco-friendly products, this opinion piece resulted from numerous previous articles from a purely factual standpoint. With this article, I was able to express my opinions about one issue of climate change that must be solved: the emissions from Earth’s wealthiest.