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Parallax Error Liner Notes

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Product Designer
June - October 2021

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The liner notes, covers, and lyric sheets for Teather's first EP, Parallax Error.

When the artist Teather asked me to design the liner notes, covers, and lyrics sheets for her first EP, I couldn't have been more excited. As a designer, it was always been a dream of mine to work with musicians. Growing up, I would cherish the printed liner notes that came with beautifully packaged vinyl. Seeing the way that visual artists were able to create something that perfectly complemented the musician's sound always amazed me. The opportunity to do the same for Teather was a dream come true.

Grand Slang

One of my favorite parts of working on the liner notes for Teather was exploring the perfect typeface to match what I heard in her music. The one I landed on, Grand Slang from Nikolas Type, is one of my favorite typefaces I have ever come across.

A strangely bold, yet also interesting combo that feels to be half way between a sans serif and serif typeface, Grand Slang provided the perfectly off-kilter feel that I felt Teather's music embodied.

An opportunity to experiment

In order to accompany the experimental music found throughout the EP, we wanted to make sure that the visual design lived in the same vein. The result: stretched out typefaces, mixes of color, and magnification. As well, strokes of Grand Slang resulted in a visual style that I feel perfectly accompanies the music. Both are bold, colorful, wild, and exciting.