Photography - Not Our Natural World

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The ongoing photography collection that has inspired a great deal of my design & writing.

Photography has always been one of my greatest passions. Thankfully with the time I have spent in nature, I have been able to capture some photographs that I believe highlight just how beautiful the natural world is. They also illuminate how important it is that we preserve it entirely.

What I think these photos primarily demonstrate is how while we often view the natural world as *ours* to explore, it is no such thing. The natural world existed far before us, and it will exist long after us, even if we almost bring it down with us. With that being said, we are damaging something that is not even ours. Yes, it may survive after us, but at this moment, we are destroying the most beautiful things Earth has to offer.

The animals, trees, ecosystems, biomes, and more will be forever altered if we do not remove ourselves from the natural world and only visit as guests, to do no harm.

I hope that these photos shed some light on what it is all worth. No, it's not *our* natural world, but we can do something to reverse the harm we have already caused.