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Starting Lines Covers

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Brand Designer
April-June 2021

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The revamp, design, and creation of 3 new covers for Starting Lines.

Designed for an internship with Starting Lines, a publication that serves as a textbook for thousands of writing students every year, these covers were the result of a task to create both bold, dramatic, and forward-thinking covers while also delivering safer, more traditional options. The second cover in the attached document ended up being the final version chosen, with the other covers serving as alternates if a different brand image was desired. All four of these covers illustrate my ability to create innovative designs in both more bold or traditional covers. While the second cover here was chosen, the first is secretly my favorite.

Created using photos submitted by students who have used the book in the past, the photo I ended up working with of a desert landscape stuck out to me as something that would perfectly create a visually interesting cover without being overly cluttered or busy.

A chance to experiment with something that I've always wanted to try.

We've all heard the phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover". While one side of me completely agrees with this sentiment as some of my favorite books do not have great covers, I also believe that a good cover makes a great book feel even better. The cover design of a book can become something to admire on its own, apart from the content between the covers.

While the covers I designed here were for a textbook instead of a narrative, I believe my feelings remain the same, albeit in a different context. Growing up, so many textbooks I was required to have for school had truly dreadful covers. I wanted to create covers that students would be drawn to, regardless of whether the book was a required purchase for them.

I hope that students in the future feel that they can admire the cover that was chosen here, and that it will further draw them into the information the book has the offer.